ClassFit Classroom

In ClassFit Classroom, you’ll find video tutorials on all of our most frequently asked questions. Most are less than 1 minute long so you can easily and quickly get to grips with the platform.

Description: A quick guide on how to create your ClassFit account.

Description: Learn how to quickly set up your ClassFit profile.

Description: Add teachers to your classes and studio.

Description: Learn how to create a class on ClassFit.

Description: Learn how to make your classes recur and repeat easily.

Description: Connect your Stripe account in order to receive electronic payments.

Description: Learn how to edit your live classes.

Description: Add your business branding and colors to your calendar and emails.

Description: Integrate your booking calendar into any page on your website.

Description: Learn how to create class bundles and show them on your website.

Description: Get a link to your ClassFit profile so your customers can book directly.

Description: Create discount codes to offer customers special offers and incentives.

Description: Access the check-in screen to easily check in customers for any class.

Description: Add your contacts and customers to ClassFit.

Description: Learn how to manually add a customer to a class.