Electronic Payments

Taking payments electronically simplifies your business and can dramatically reduce dropout rates - when people pay in advance, they’re much more likely to attend. ClassFit offers an affordable, professional solution.


Value And Security

We have partnered with Stripe to bring you secure payments and industry leading low fees.


Refund If Replaced

Automation is efficient, but our refund if replaced option keeps your business human.


Cash Payments

Electronic payments not for you? If you want to take cash payments that’s fine with us.


Secure Payments

We have partnered with Stripe, who is our worldwide payment provider. Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment gateways - chosen not just for its security but also its industry-leading low fees.

It works on a transactional basis and you will receive payments on a 7 days rolling basis. Like all payment providers, you will pay a small fee to process the transaction - this is usually between 1.4-2.9% (depending on your country) as well as a small set amount per transaction, for example, $0.30 for the US or £0.20 for the UK. You can find out specific rates for your country on the Stripe website.

In addition, ClassFit adds on a small percentage to this payment transaction fee - you can view a complete list of these fees and our monthly caps here.


How Refunds Work

Choosing electronic payments also gives you more control of your refund and drop-out policy. We offer a variety of refund options you can opt for including no refunds, partial refunds and full refunds. You can then choose to offer these options to your customers that drop-out either 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours before the start of your class.

We also offer our unique ‘refund if replaced’ option, where if someone else takes your customer’s spot – your original customer gets a full refund.

This structure incentivizes your participants to drop out as soon as they think they can’t make it. This will free up that space earlier so someone else can fill it. This leaves you, your customer dropping out, and your new class participant all happier.


Payments In Cash

We’re a start-up, so we know that when every penny counts. So if you’d prefer to take cash payments and avoid all fees, we are totally fine with this too. We are confident that the reduction in dropouts through using electronic payments will save you more than the fees cost you, however we know that every business is different and we are happy for you to do what works best for you. And remember - every other feature of ClassFit is completely free to use, all the time.