Core-Focused Vinyasa

The tendency to associate the core muscles with the coveted ‘6-pack’ at the front of the abdominals is common. However, our core muscles incorporate more than what sits at the surface of the stomach. There are also the muscles layered deeper within as well as the muscles on the side and the back; what wraps around our trunk, offering stability and support can be considered as the core essentially. A dynamic, flow class with a particular focus on core awareness, strengthening and stablisation, we will move through the sequences at a medium pace, practising core engagement whilst taking short holds in poses to support alignment and grounding, building towards greater confidence and self-awareness. *Video on/off is optional.




Tuesday 28 September


6:00 PM


45 mins


Spaces available

Age range:

Above 18


All levels





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Hongyi Huang

An introduction to Iyengar yoga in my early 20s marked the start of my yoga journey that spans over 20 years but it was upon moving to London that I discovered and began to explore the myriad of styles that this city had to offer. Today, my personal practice is made up largely of Vinyasa yoga – I love that it's dynamic and physical but also, meditative and calming - plus various breathwork and mindfulness techniques. A desire to deepen my knowledge in yoga led me to complete yoga teacher training... Currently I’m teaching yoga full-time, offering public & private group classes as well as 1:1 lessons, working across a mix of wellness studios and private members’ clubs in London. Through emphasis on linking movement and breath, my classes aim to synchronise qualities of strength with qualities of stretch, to bring an overall toning plus sense of awakening to the body and mind. ​ Presently, I’m also pursuing a Diploma in Yoga Therapy, learning the practical application of the available yogic tools within the discipline, to offer support to an individual’s health needs in a 1:1 setting.