ClassFit is free to use with no strings attached. The only time you’ll pay anything is if you choose to opt for electronic payments - and even then, it’s with industry-leading low fees.


ClassFit Is Free To Use

ClassFit is completely free to use - with no strings attached. Organizers can set up classes as well as make use of the myriad of other features we offer, such as waitlist management and health or medical questionnaires.

You can even integrate our software into your website for a seamlessly professional look. Your customers will be able view your upcoming classes and book direct with just a few clicks.

And the best part? This is all for free.

We’re proud of the fact that no other class booking platform in the market offers such a wealth of features at unbeatable value.


Are there any fees at all?

Whilst 99% of ClassFit is free to use, we do charge for one (entirely optional) feature - electronic payments. We have worked hard to keep these costs as low as possible, resulting in industry-leading low fees.

Electronic payments are completely optional and you can choose whether to take payment on-site or online through ClassFit. If you choose to take payments on-site, there will be nothing to pay to ClassFit and you will still be free to use our booking platform.

If you do opt for online payments, we charge a flat 2% fee with no set-up charges - so we never take any money unless you do. We also cap the amount you can ever pay in a month, which means ClassFit offers incredible value for all - regardless of whether you run a high-volume business or are just starting out. You can find out more detail about our fees and monthly caps here.


Why choose electronic payments?

There are a few different elements to consider when deciding if electronic payments are for you. Different factors will be important to different people, depending on where your business is at and its specific needs.

Here are the most common benefits of taking electronic payments:

  • - Reduced dropouts. When payment is taken at the time of booking, customers are much more likely to attend.

  • - No awkward payment collection during the class.

  • - Reduced admin. No more trying to keep track of who has paid what.

  • - Upselling potential of blocks of classes.

  • - A professional and seamless experience for the customer at a time when online payments are fast becoming the norm.


A Booking Platform That Grows With You

At ClassFit, we’re not just interested in catering for small businesses - we want to help turn your small business into a big one (if that’s what you want!). ClassFit’s powerful technology has been built to grow with you - so if you find that our flat 2% payment fee no longer makes sense for your fast growing business, get in touch.

We offer a range of bespoke solutions for larger businesses taking electronic payments. If you want to go beyond that and are looking to have your own booking software or mobile app, we also offer a range of whitelabel services. You’ll get all the great ClassFit functionality, branded and contained in your own platform or via a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Contact us if you would like to know more.