If you opt to use electronic payments, a small fee will apply. We have provided a complete and transparent breakdown of all of our fees and monthly caps below.

**During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are waiving all fees to help support our ClassFit community**

Fees As Flexible As You Are

Our fees are flexible and fair. We understand that some months might be better than others. For this reason, we don’t charge a monthly fixed fee and we don’t have a minimum sign up term or any set-up costs.

You will only ever pay for using ClassFit if you opt to use electronic payments. If electronic payments are for you, we charge a flat 2% fee for all transactions. So if you’re having a slow month, you won’t have to worry about any high fees from ClassFit.

And if you run a larger business, we have your back too. We cap our monthly fees, so you will never pay more than a set amount each month, regardless of how much business you do. Our pricing is very fair for those starting out, and is flexible enough to remain competitive as your business and your needs grow.

For a full list of our monthly commission caps based on your location, please see the table below:

United Kingdom (GBP) £80.00
Europe (Euros) €90.00
United States (USD) $100.00
Australia (AUD) $130.00
Canada (CAD) $130.00

These caps represent the maximum you will ever pay per month in transaction fees to ClassFit, regardless of the number of transactions. There is no minimum contract term, no set-up fees and no hidden costs. Each cap is per location. Please note, these do exclude fees from our payment provider. We breakdown these fees below. Please see Stripe’s website for full details.

United Kingdom (GBP) 1.4 % + 20p https://stripe.com/gb/pricing
Europe (Euros) 1.4 % + 25c https://stripe.com/es/pricing
United States (USD) 2.9% + 30c https://stripe.com/us/pricing
Australia (AUD) 1.75% + 30c https://stripe.com/au/pricing
Canada (CAD) 2.9% + 30c https://stripe.com/ca/pricing

Still have questions? Send us a message at hello@classfit.com and we’ll happily answer any queries you may have.